Bethesda sells the gold ring in The Elder Scrolls Online for $1,000

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Although the Elder Scrolls online players spend $1,000 in the Bethesda merchandise store just to buy the gold ring in the game. It seems unwise to do it, but if they do it for marriage or engagement, then it’s okay. As we all know, ESO is a classic MMORPG game in which players can freely do many things such as earning ESO Gold or sightseeing the entire game world with their partners.

The gold ring in the Elder Scrolls line weighs approximately 10 carats. But it is not very friendly for European players. Because it is now only sold in Bethesda stores in the US and not in European stores. However, the follow-up game team should improve this situation. Before Valentine’s Day this year, players who want to buy it can pay for this gold ring. What they also need to know is that it is shipped after the holiday.

This ring is suitable for players who want to get married in the Elder Scrolls line soon. It presents a warm yellow light and usually used in old world historical jewelry. This lighter color is the closest to the concept of art in the game. It bases the ring on the Mara ceremony. Then, if both players are in a group, it assigns each player a ring, which can award 10% of experience points. Players can even continue this process in MMORPG and use Mara’s amulet to get married.

The two players who formally form a partner can complete it together in future game activities. It also means that they may get more Elder Scrolls Online Gold, and the risks they encounter will be smaller. But before that, it is better to go to Buy some Cheap ESO Gold to add some protection to themselves. Great opportunity!

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